Top Music Choices to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 22nd Sep 2016

The right type of music can help you sleep. The question is, what is that music type?  At Bedphones, we recommend that you find music that is not over stimulating. Your sleep music should ca … read more

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Posted by Bedphones on 3rd Nov 2014

We already know that sleep is amazing.You can build muscle in your sleep, increase your brain function and your coordination, plus a whole lot of other things. But all of that stuff depends on getting … read more

Routine Love Affair

Posted by Bedphones on 2nd Nov 2014

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, here's a tip that could change your life.Are you ready? Here it is.Get into a routine.Yes, that's it.It's deceptively simple, and here's how it works.Your … read more

Unexpected Reasons You Can't Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 21st Oct 2014

There are a lot of times when you know EXACTLY why you can't fall asleep.Maybe there's a dog outside barking at a leaf.Or maybe you had a double shot espresso two hours ago.In either situation, you de … read more

What To Do When You Can't Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 20th Oct 2014

It's 3am. You've been in bed for 5 hours, but have you slept at all?Not.A.Wink.We've all been there, and it definitely sucks.But, good news!There are things you can do to help yourself get to sleep wh … read more

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