Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones

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February 2018
Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones


Free yourself from painful earbuds with Versafit, our sweatproof sport version of Bedphones Wireless. Ultra-portable and light-weight, Versafit headphones come with a massive 13-hours of battery life and full-range sound. Our patented non-noise isolating and incredibly thin design can fit under virtually all helmets and lets you hear your music and the world around you for a safer workout.

Compatible with all Bluetooth®-enabled devices, including iPhone® and Android® phones.


Versafit wireless sport headphones gray left view

The ultimate wireless sport headphones.

Versafit wireless sport headphones gray right view
Versafit smallest on-ear headphones in the world

The world's smallest on-ear headphones

Take your music with you on the slopes and the trails. Versafit headphones are so thin and flat against your ears, they fit under virtually all helmets.

Versafit comfort and awareness

Flat out comfort | Flat out awareness

Wrapped in soft sweatproof silicone rubber, Versafit delivers sweet sounds of music without plugging up your ears. Their lie-flat on-ear design won't block out ambient noise so you can hear that car coming up behind you

Versafit infinitely adjustable fit

Along for the ride

Whether you're running, biking, or at the gym, Versafit's earhooks wrap securely over your ears using infinitely-adjustable memory wire earhooks.

Versafit inline microphone

Leave the phone alone

Versafit comes with an inline microphone with three-button remote, which lets you answer phone calls and play/pause/skip and adjust the volume of your music without touching your phone.

Versafit inline microphone

Upgrade your workout

With up to 13 hours of battery life, Versafit Headphones let you wirelessly add a soundtrack to all your workouts and adventures. Keep them safe on-the-go with the included travel pouch and one year manufacturer's warranty.

Versafit fitting under helmets

Fits all helmets

As the thinnest on-ear headphones available, Versafit fits under virtually all helmets without the discomfort of earbuds.